Pirate Cutlass Sword

Pirate Cutlass Sword

The cutlass sword was the pirate's weapon of choice when battling on the high seas. This cutlass sword is 38" in overall length with a 29 1/4" long blade. The steel blade is designed with a heavy blood groove and an aged finish to make it look more authentic. The wooden scabbard has a cast metal throat (top) that features a stunning pirate emblem and the black sword handle is accented with a pommel and cast zinc guard. If you are looking for a truly beautiful sword to add to your collection, then look no further.
Price: $59.95
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"Pretty cool sword. It's not as high of quality as some of the more expensive swords I own, but it's fun to swing around a bit and nice for display."
Written By: Jasper
2/9/12 - 10:28am