PurePirate.com - Your Pirate Supplies Store

Pirates have been pillaging and plundering since the first boats were cast to into the seven seas, and PurePirate.com has been funding skullduggery for as long as pirates have been clicking mouses. In the beginning, this was no small task. Convincing a pirate to send us his electronic pieces-of-eight in exchange for what is pictured on his screen is about as easy as catching a mermaid with a fish net. Luckily, pirates are suckers for Free Shipping, which we've been able to provide on orders over $60 (which converts to something like 8 pieces-of-eight).

So after much haggling (and explaining that we would be unable to offer 'Barter' as a payment option) we've been able to devote our time to providing the very best pirate supplies to everyone's favorite high-seas hooligans.

Take a moment to browse our huge assortment of pirate party supplies. We've worked hard to provide you with the most unique pirate party balloons, pirate banners, and pirate invitations that you can find. We know how frustrating it can be to navigate the uncharted waters of the internet, only to find yourself lost as sea. That's why we've dedicated an entire online store to providing you with all of your pirate needs.

With features like Black Beard's Blog and our Daily Plunder, the crew at PurePirate.com hopes to become the number one source for pirate news, pirate deals, and brand new pirate products. Our selection will change as often as the sea herself, so make sure to check back often. T'is nothing more embarrassin' than missin' out on an amazing pirate book or pirate costume.

Run by true pirate aficionados, each member of the PurePirate.com crew is well versed in pirate lore, pirate-speak. Each is capable of swinging from a mast with a treasure chest under their arm, a parrot on their shoulder, and monkey on their head, all whilst taking a swig of rum. Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions, take any order, and generally make sure your PurePirate.com experience is a jolly one. If not, we make them walk the plank. We be joking of course. ...Sort of.

If you should wish to contact a member of PurePirate.com, you can always send us a message by bottle. Should you wish a hastier correspondence, you can always call our customer service line at (804)3-YOHOHO. You may also contact us through electronic message (no bottle required) at Service@PurePirate.com.